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Welcome to Gay Aliens Society

Gay Aliens Society is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT avatars with randomly chosen zodiac traits that will unlock a world of opportunities for the NFT owners including the chance to your avatar selected for a recurring role in “Gay Aliens in Metaverse”, an adult themed cartoon sitcom currently in development.
Each of the 10,000 Gay Aliens is based on 20 naked alien bodies with randomly generated sun, moon, rising and Venus zodiac signs and then individually styled by Tima Marso making each Gay Alien a unique piece of art as well as your invitation to be part of the Gay Alien Society Metaverse.

The Naked Aliens

During the Presale, we are giving you the chance to choose your favorite Gay Alien Naked body design. Can you choose which of the 20 Gay Aliens will be the rarest of the collection? It may help your chances of being selected to have your Gay Alien Avatar star in our TV show. Once the public sale begins, you will receive a randomly selected body style.

Owning a Gay Alien NFT Can Make You Rich and Famous


Immediate Utility

  • Register your Gay Alien NFT for casting in the TV Show, “Gay Aliens in Metaverse”
  • Access to our member only Discord Channels
  • VIP Access to Gay Alien Society Live Events

The Specs

Official Website / Minting Platform URL:
Audited Smart Contract: 0x626a67477D2DCa67cAC6d8133f0F9dadDBFEA94e
Minting Price: 0.15 ETH
Official OpenSea link:
Each Gay Alien is unique and individually drawn based on 20 naked body designs with programmatically generated zodiac traits, including sun, moon, raising sun and Venus. All Gay Aliens are unique, but some are rarer than others. Gay Aliens are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. To access members-only areas on the website, Gay Alien owners will need to be signed into their Approved Wallet. Attendance at live events may be limited to those 18 or 21 years and over.

How to Mint

  • During the presale you have a chance to purchase a Gay Alien NFT in our Beta Test. All NFT minting and purchases are being processed manually giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite body style.
  • Connect your compatible wallet to the project launchpad
  • Select your favorite “Naked” Gay Alien Body
  • Pay 0.15 ETH to the Project Wallet

Welcome to the Club

When you buy a Gay Alien, you are getting much more than a unique piece of art. You are gaining access to a Society with benefits that will increase over time and through participation in the Metaverse. Owning a Gay Alien and displaying it on social media, messaging & dating apps will become a status symbol across the Pride and Crypto community.

Meet The Team

Celebrity Artist

Tima Marso

Celebrity Astrologist

Sebastian Tribbie

Celebrity Ambassador


Discord Manager

Mu Kepzo
The Gay Aliens Society Platform was developed by Intercoin on the lauchpad

Road Map to the Gay Aliens Society Metaverse

• Gay Aliens Launch Party @ Art Basel Miami
• Launch Gay Aliens Discord Server
• Release Light Paper
• Gay Aliens (Gen 1) Pre-Sale (1,000 NFTs)
• Dreamland NYE Events – Miami, Florida
• Gay Aliens (Gen 1) Public Sale (8,500 NFTs)
• “Gay Aliens in Metaverse” TV SHOW
• Casting In Discord
• Production
• Streaming Network and Metaverse Distribution
• Launch Gay Aliens in Augmented Reality
• Launch Gay Aliens Metaverse Platform
• Launch Gay Aliens (Gen 2) NFT Sale (10,000 NFTs)
• Virtual Land Ownership and e-commerce opportunities for Gay Alien (Gen 1) NFT Owners
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